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Spring 2024 Volunteer applications are now closed.

Please check out Seed Volunteer Job Description here to apply if you're interested in volunteering for our upcoming cycles. 


Seed Consulting Group

We are a 501(c)3 that serves to amplify the impact of environmental organizations and empower leaders to help shape a sustainable future for our communities and planet


Our Mission

Non-profit organizations are on the frontlines of addressing our most pressing environmental challenges, from climate change and clean energy transition to habitat conservation and biodiversity loss. But less than 2% of charitable giving is directed toward these vital causes, leaving environmental nonprofits under-resourced in their fight to protect our planet and communities.

At Seed, we envision a world where passionate individuals work together to solve environmental challenges. Millions of people care deeply about these issues but lack meaningful opportunities to take action. We are the bridge that solves this problem. We create high-impact opportunities for passionate professionals to support environmental organizations through challenging projects that not only benefit the planet but also foster their own professional and personal growth.

Our Work

We recruit, train, and lead teams of diverse volunteers to work on pro-bono and low-bono consulting projects that help solve our clients' most critical challenges. A typical 10-week project leverages the passions and talents of a team of skilled professionals, providing over 400 hours of services and an average market-rate value of more than $75,000.


We also strive to empower the personal and professional development of our volunteers. On top of project-based learning, we provide ample opportunities for volunteers to learn and grow, such as through our Seed University curriculum, SCRUM Master certifications, Emotional Intelligence trainings, and many others.

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Evan Marks, Founder and Executive Director, The Ecology Center

"We had an amazing experience. They were incredibly strategic and focused. Their comprehensive community engagement strategy has been instrumental in building marketing and programming to reach our entire community's needs. Thank you Seed!"

Jonathan Bijur, Executive Director, reDiscover Center

"Seed provided a professional consulting experience on par with the best consulting I've received in 20+ years in nonprofit management. Skilled, enthusiastic, quick to understand the crux of the problems, and ready to generate realistic solutions that can readily be implemented."

Michael Slaby, Founder & CEO, Space Gate

"The Seed team analyzed our business plan and provided recommendations that are resulting in greater market presence in half the time and expense. We highly recommend Seed for organizations serious about optimizing their plans, visibility and foundation for growth."
Steep Mountains

Join Us!

If our mission and values align with yours, we have many opportunities to partner together to protect our planet.

  • Individuals  can volunteer on  client-facing projects or internally on our leadership teams

  • Nonprofits can become client partners to receive pro or low bono services

  • Businesses can receive low bono services for environmental projects or can sponsor a project or chapter in their community

  • Donors can sponsor projects and chapters or can support our efforts to scale our impact to 30 communities by 2030, enabling us to serve thousands of volunteers and organizations across the country

Our Community of Clients

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