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Job Description

At Seed, we're deeply committed to leveraging consulting as a force for environmental sustainability. Our projects aren't just tasks; they're our pledge to a healthier planet. While most of our volunteers begin their journey with us as Consultants, bringing years of experience and expertise, we also warmly welcome college students. If you're a student with a robust passion for sustainability and a willingness to learn, the Associate role offers a unique entry point into our mission-driven work.


This is where many start with Seed, equipped with professional experience and a drive to make a difference. As a Consultant, you're integral to our environmental initiatives, applying your skills to foster change and promote sustainability.


Senior Consultants

For those looking to amplify their impact, the Senior Consultant role beckons. Here, you're tasked with leading project components, offering insights, and mentoring like a mini PM. This role suits those ready to take on more responsibility and eager to guide others towards substantial environmental contributions.


Project Managers

With a minimum of 2-3 years of professional experience in Project Management and at least 6 hours of weekly bandwidth, Project Managers are the cornerstone of our project success. This role is designed for those with a zeal for leadership and a track record of steering projects to fruition. As a PM, you ensure the growth of our teams and the success of our sustainability missions.


Associates (Only for SeedOC)

Specifically for college students eager to dive into the world of environmental consulting, becoming an Associate provides the perfect starting point. Your enthusiasm and dedication are invaluable as you support our project teams and learn the ins and outs of driving meaningful change.

Please click here for the detailed Job Description and minimum expected commitment.

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